The Youth Farm Bible Camp is located in Rosthern, Saskatchewan. We are a camp that primarily runs in the summer with a fun staff, lots of activities, farm atmosphere (including horses), a climbing wall and great programming. We are one of the few camps in Saskatchewan that offer an Adult Special Need Program. more about us

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How Wide the Father's Love for Us - SO Loved Part 5

How Wide the Father's Love for Us - SO Loved Part 5

Jesus didnít die just to take our place on the cross but so we could be part of Godís family. To become heirs with Him. Not to become God but to be able, like Jesus, to call God, Abba, Father. Itís time we live in the grace that has been freely bestowed on us. Itís time we live like the masterpieces we have been created to be (and with that comes doing the work God has planned for us.) more

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2018 Summer Staff

We are currently hiring for summer camp 2018.  Check out the job descriptions for senior staff positions and junior staff positions.  Apply online and get ready, summer will be here before we know it!