The Youth Farm Bible Camp is located in Rosthern, Saskatchewan. We are a camp that primarily runs in the summer with a fun staff, lots of activities, farm atmosphere (including horses), a climbing wall and great programming. We are one of the few camps in Saskatchewan that offer an Adult Special Need Program. more about us

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For Everything There is a Season

For Everything There is a Season

Over the last 6 weeks, we have seen every season that Saskatchewan experiences. On October 2, we had a nice warm summer day, and over 1100 people came out to the Corn Maze. On October 5, we had a day of winter with 18 inches of snow falling. Towards the end of October, we experienced all the spring offers with melting snow, mud, puddles, and even some trees starting to produce buds. Lately, in November, we are experiencing the fall we never had in October. more

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In order to keep the YFBC ministry going & growing, we need to have many people "own" the vision and support the organization financially.

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In Loving Memory of Joyce

Joyce Adrian Kasdorf was a huge supporter of the YFBC ministry.  She was a cheerleader and a prayer warrior. Her family has kindly named the ministry of YFBC to receive tribute donations in loving memory of Joyce. For those of you wishing to donate online please click here.