• Emotional attachment to Humboldt, Jesus and Mexico

    As we returned from Mexico by bus, we learnt about the terrible tragedy that happened to the Humboldt Broncos. Our country has been shaken and impacted by this accident. Here are some thoughts on the Humboldt accident, the suffering of Jesus and our IMPACT trip to Mexico. The trip video is also attached. read more
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  • Journey to building a Home

    Travelling down Interstate 15 for 30 hours to build a home in Tijuana. Find out some of the thoughts we have about this experience. Pray that we develop the team during the journey. That we are ready for some of what we will experience in Mexico. read more
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  • Leading a Christ Centred Ministry

    A little about camp, family and an experience in the desert of Arizona that I will never forget. Find out how the Core Values of the Youth Farm Bible Camp (Seek, Sacrifice, Share, Serve) line up with spiritual gauges from the life of Christ. read more
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  • How Wide the Father's Love for Us - SO Loved Part 5

    Jesus didnít die just to take our place on the cross but so we could be part of Godís family. To become heirs with Him. Not to become God but to be able, like Jesus, to call God, Abba, Father. Itís time we live in the grace that has been freely bestowed on us. Itís time we live like the masterpieces we have been created to be (and with that comes doing the work God has planned for us.) read more
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  • How Long the Father's Love for Us - SO Loved Part 4

    He went from heaven to hell for us. That is a great extent. A long way to go to love. To send His perfect and sinless Son to die in our place. That is long love. Length is used for the greatest dimension when measuring an object. I couldnít think of a better way of describing the death and resurrection of Jesus within Godís plan of redemption for the sake of loving us. The greatest act of His love, to die for me. To die for you. To die for the world because He so loved the world. read more
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  • How High the Father's Love for Us - SO Loved Part 3

    How high the Father's love for us! As I read through the story of the announcement and birth of Jesus, I noticed the number of times the word 'high' is used in this piece of scripture. For God so loved us that He sent His Son from the highest heaven to be born in a humble stable. This distance is a journey of high love. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High! Yet love compelled Him to come to earth as a completely dependent baby. read more
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  • How Deep the Father's Love for Us - SO Loved Part 2

    Picture the plain dirt of the newly formed earth. The most beautiful trees, flowers, and shrubs surround a focused on patch of dark ground. Slowly and carefully a form starts to take shape. Rumored to be the crown of creation, made in the image of God, a body is visible, arms, and legs. A head and face. Laying lifeless on the earth. Then with care and kindness the Father bends down and breaths the breath of life into the man. And it was very good. read more
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  • SO Loved Part 1

    The theme we have chosen for camp this summer is So Loved. Godís love for us is huge! Itís wider, longer, higher, and deeper than we can ever fully understand. We live in a world where love has conditions, requirements, and is often questioned. Itís hard for us as humans to understand and accept the unconditional love God has to offer. read more
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  • Mexico Mission Trip 2017

    The Mexico Mission Trip is from April 14-21, 2017. Make sure you read about the journey 19 people are taking at the following page - www.yfbc.com/MexicoBlog read more
  • A YFBC Love Story

    It is the end of an era at the Youth Farm Bible Camp. Its with sadness that we experience the loss of Helen Friesen, a matriarch of our organization. Helen was born on July 2, 1923 in Russia ... read more
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  • For Everything There is a Season

    Over the last 6 weeks, we have seen every season that Saskatchewan experiences. On October 2, we had a nice warm summer day, and over 1100 people came out to the Corn Maze. On October 5, we had a day of winter with 18 inches of snow falling. Towards the end of October, we experienced all the spring offers with melting snow, mud, puddles, and even some trees starting to produce buds. Lately, in November, we are experiencing the fall we never had in October. read more
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  • Itís May at the Youth Farm Bible Camp!

    Find out a little about our summer 2016 theme - UNshakable - and how the Lord is already teaching us lessons about making Him our Rock. read more
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  • Then and Now - 1980's

    In this edition of Throwback Thursday, I would like to show you a few then-and-now photos showcasing our summer camp program in the mid-1980's and today. read more
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  • Mexico Trip 2016

    We arrived in Mexico on Saturday, March 26 at around 5:00 pm. After waiting at the border because of new administration from Mexico City, we were able to start putting up our tents at 6:30 or so. We were greeted with a great supper by La Cocino (ran by Amor Ministries and means ĎThe Kitchení in Spanish). We then met Terry and Wendy, the Amor volunteers who were going to be our support during the four day house build. Terry mentioned that we may need to break up an existing concrete pad and that the site was not level. We were not too worried, we would figure it out on Monday. read more
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  • Be a Prayer Warrior

    We would love to know that our prayer support is growing! Not only to lift up items of need and want, but to join us in giving the glory to God because this is His ministry. Our Mexico Mission is just a few days away. Please keep us in your prayers as our team serves in this way. read more
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