The Youth Farm Bible Camp is located in Rosthern, Saskatchewan. Our purpose is to share Jesus with others and be a place to serve. We primarily do this by running camps in the summer with a fun staff, lots of activities, farm atmosphere, and great programming. We offer camps for children and youth and are also one of the few camps in Saskatchewan that offers an Adult Special Needs Program for adults with intellectual disabilities. more about us

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110 Years as a Community Farm

110 Years as a Community Farm

Youth Farm Bible Camp started in 1941 (Check out the history section of our Website), but we have been a community farm since 1909!  The Rosthern Experimental Farm was started in 1909 and closed in 1940.  The story of how this farm was developed is filled with intrigue and mystery. more

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Sawing lumber on Mexico Trip

Mexico Impact Trip

A solid group of 20 Youth Farm staff and volunteers are preparing to leave for Mexico on April 10, 2020. Find out more details about the trip and what the team will be doing in Mexico! Make sure to support your friends and family members on the trip through prayer and donations. Frozen bags of cookie dough are now available; contact us or a trip participant to buy some!

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2020 Summer Staff

We are currently hiring for summer camp 2020  Check out the job descriptions for senior staff positions and junior staff positions.  Apply online and get ready, summer will be here before we know it!