The Youth Farm Bible Camp is located in Rosthern, Saskatchewan. Our purpose is to share Jesus with others and be a place to serve. We primarily do this by running camps in the summer with a fun staff, lots of activities, farm atmosphere, and great programming. We offer camps for children and youth and are also one of the few camps in Saskatchewan that offers an Adult Special Needs Program for adults with intellectual disabilities. more about us

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Behold! - The Son of God

Behold! - The Son of God

But there is One who is greater than the mightiest storm and His name is Jesus! He comes down the hill and to the edge of the stormy lake. Not stopping there, He continues towards the disciples - walking on the water. Once He is near enough to be noticed the disciples are terrified by the sight and assume a ghost is approaching. Then comes the beautiful words of Jesus we all long to hear in our storms, “Don’t be afraid! Take courage, I am here!” more

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Mexico Mission Trip

Apply now for the 2019 Mexico Impact Trip!  Find out more details and make sure your application is in before the December 1 earlybird deadline.  


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