What the Year Involves

Hands on experience

Each intern will be participating in hands on service during the Corn Maze and retreat season (September-October) in order to expose them to every area of camp ministry such as, food service, housekeeping, maintenance, program design, program implementation, marketing and promotion, guest services, facilitation of activities, event planning, and many more.

Interns will also be partnered with local churches and not-for-profit organizations to work with some of their ministry programs. (September-May)  This will help you develop skills needed to plan, prepare, and lead various aspects of church ministry.  This will also help you build relationships with the surrounding communities and the people who support our ministry and have been or will be a part of YFBC in the summer.

Through-out our ‘off season’ you will participate in tasks such as; administrative, maintenance, animal care, promotional, design, fundraising, and day-to-day tasks required to run a camp ministry.

During the summer months each intern will be an integral part of the camp program and will be assigned a different leadership roles.  These are subject to change from week to week and will depend on the specific skills of the intern and the needs of the Youth Farm Bible Camp summer staff and camp program.  YFBC runs 11 weeks of camp over 9 weeks from June to August.

Academic training

Each intern will participate in two or three one-week modular courses at Horizon College, Saskatoon. This will be done as an audit, meaning no assignment and no course credit. It is an option to take these courses for credit with the additional cost being covered by the intern.  (Courses may vary as Horizon's academic calendar changes year to year.) There will also be four weeks spread throughout the program of on-site academic training lead by staff and guests, focusing on topics such as, theology, book studies, leadership, camp ministry, youth ministry, and personal and spiritual development.

We have chosen to partner with Horizon in this way because of their location, their flexibility and transferability of their programs/courses, and their low audit fee.  Please contact us if you have any questions about these courses or how the 3E Internship can fit in a program you have already started or explored.

Learning and Service Trip

The interns will join the YFBC annual trip to Mexico to build a house with Amor Ministries.  Read more about Amor here.

In preparation for this trip, interns will have some book studies and cross culture conversations.

Personal and Spiritual Development

Interns will be encourages to journal about their experiences and faith journey over the course of the year through devotionals and monthly reviews. From this journal, a review assignment will be submitted in June so you can see the growth you have experienced as a disciple of Jesus!

Interns will participate in Bible studies, book studies, and one on one mentoring which will play key roles in maturing personally and in their faith.

Upon successful completion of this program each intern will:

1. Gain valuable hands on ministry experience
2. Increase their knowledge of personal skills and spiritual gifts.
3. Gain intimate knowledge of what it takes to operate a camp and rental center.
4. Gain an understanding of the purpose and mission of a camp and rental center.
5. Gain an understanding of church and youth ministry.
6. Understand and be able to practice inductive Bible study skills.
7. Have valuable international experience serving in a team setting, contributing to a community both physically and spiritually.
8. Grow and mature in their faith in Jesus Christ through service, discipleship, and training.