COVID Response

COVID-19 Response

Youth Farm Corn Maze

All bookings have to be done online for the Youth Farm Corn Maze so we can control numbers.  Here is more information about how we are dealing with COVID-19 at the Maze!


As we are approaching summer, we recognize that we are unable to offer some of our camps.  The Horse Day Camps are still able to run.  All other camps have been cancelled for 2020.

Information will be sent to each person that has applied.  You will then have some options to consider.
1.  Donate the Registration Fee to the Youth Farm Bible Camp.
2. Use the registration fee/payment to secure a camp week for 2021.
3. Have fees refunded.
4. We will be running two weeks of camp for Adult Special Needs for those who are able to come.  They will be limited to 18 campers and run in the last two weeks of July.  More information will be given by email.


Here is some information that we want everyone to know about the Youth Farm Bible Camp's response to COVID-19.

Our first response was to set up a Food Market at the Youth Farm Bible Camp. We ran this program for 14 weeks and greatly appreciate everyone who supported it.  In July we are having two weeks of Respite Camp for Adult Special Needs and will be starting the Corn Maze on August 1, so we decided to stop the program on July 2 so that we could prepare for additional program offerings.

Friday - LIVE @ Youth Farm Bible Camp

For Eight weeks we had a program updating people what was going on at YFBC.  Please check out the 8 episodes and find out what is happening at the petting zoo, horse program and more.  We have a page on our website with all episodes!  Make sure you check them out!


This is a very tumultuous time for a charity that has people gathering as the basis for its programs.  We would love to have you partner with the camp at this time through our monthly giving program to help us continue to minister to people.  We have a full section of the website talking about donations as well.  You can find it here!

Mexico Impact Trip

Our trip to Tijuana has been postponed until November 7-14, 2020.  We are unsure if we will be able to go at this date or if we will need to wait until sometime in 2021.

All of our participants are excited to be on this trip and look forward to bringing hope to Mexico at that time.  There is more need now then ever before because of the tumultuous times that we live in.  Please pray for the people of Tijuana as many have lost their jobs and do not have access to a government safety net.