Jumps and Indoor Riding Arena


Indoor Riding Arena

A great addition to the Valley Equestrian Centre

For over 20 years, there has been a desire for the Youth Farm Bible Camp to have an Indoor Riding Arena.  We have always recognized the value of a equestrian program and how these marvellous animals can teach us so much about ourselves and our faith in Jesus Christ.  There was a presentation to the YFBC Board in 2005 to build an arena that could facilitate a year round program.

In 2017 the vision started becoming a reality with hiring a year round staff member in charge of our horsemanship program.  By November, 2018, the building was made a reality and we are able to offer Riding Lessons, Equine Assisted Learning, and rentals every month of the year.

We are always looking for support as we seek to continue to improve our facilities to catch up to the dreams we have for our Christ-centred programmings.  If you are interested in donating towards our horse program, you will receive a charitable donation receipt.  We truly believe that Loving God and Loving People means building a horse program that brings vitality, skill development, therapy experiences and individual transformation.



ABout the facility

Indoor Arena

Our indoor arena boasts a large 90x200 riding space, with 12' of tie space and viewing space.

Outdoor Arenas

VEC has two outdoor riding arenas. One large 130x230 ring and a smaller 70x140 warm up ring. Attached to the 70x140 ring is a 60' round pen. There are three 16x16 stalls for temporary horses board (shows, haul ins, summer camps etc.)

Paddocks and Pastures

The physical and mental health of the horses at VEC is thoughtfully considered in all the paddock designs. As often as possible horses live in group settings, with plenty of space to move and play. In the summer months our unique track system allows the horses access to 3 separate grass pastures that are grazed on a rotation. The track system encourages the horses to move greater distances to find food than if they were in a pasture without the track. The more movement a horse (or any living creature for that matter) has, the healthier they are.

Future paddock designs include three more boarding paddocks for temporary boarded horses. There is 40 acres at the front of our facility that will also be converted into large pastures that can be grazed or baled for hay.

Riding Equipment

VEC offers a strong English riding program and is the only facility in the area that offers English riding. We have a full hunter and jumper course, a small cross country course, and both a small and international sized dressage arenas. We have equipment for Working Equitation Obstacle courses, and often offer Working Equitation lesson nights to work through the obstacle portion of the discipline. We also have the equipment for gymkhana events including poles and barrels. No matter the discipline you ride, VEC can accomodate you!