• Jerusalem and Beyond

    The last three days of our Israel vacation have been very interesting. †We went to Caesarea, Mount Carmel and Megiddo on Wednesday and then spent our last night at the Sea of Galilee! The next two days were in Jerusalem before we got ready to leave Tel Aviv early Saturday morning. read more
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  • Boat Ride on the Galilee

    We met Karen Kruger in Tiberius for a boat ride, went to many places where Jesus ministered and found out some revelations about the current cultural climate of Israel. read more
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  • Another Wurtz joins the trip!

    On Saturday we started the journey to the airport to pick up the missing piece to the family puzzle! †Brandon will join the trip today. †Cassidy is so happy to have another person under the age of 45 with us in Israel. †Candace is happy to have both of her kids join us. †And so am I! †Itís amazing to have Brandon with us while he is taking his third year of Bible College. †Seeing the land of the Bible helps one understand the geography of the Bible. †It makes stories easier to remember and comprehend. read more
  • Thoughts from the Matriarch!!

    It is so easy to tell you the places that we have seen but it is another thing to tell you the experience. Sometimes words can not describe what is going on internally. I am a visual learner and like to observe in my little world. read more
  • On the way to the Sea of Galilee!

    We leave Arad, drive through a mountain road with signs warning of dangerous curves for the last time, drive by the Dead Sea and visit Qumran Nature Reserve. We then arrived at our home on the Sea of Galilee. †We will be there for the next seven days. †We have huge windows in the living room that overlook the Sea. †Itís quite special to be here! read more
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  • Spectacular Nature Sites and getting ready for JESUS sites!

    The Negev has many amazing sites and we went to a few of them in the last few days. †Ein Gedi is by the Dead Sea, and is a beautiful oasis that includes many waterfalls, tunnels through the vegetation, walking right beside a stream, seeing many pools, interesting animals and lots of people. †This site was one that King Saul and King David came to for retreat. read more
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  • Beer Sheva and more...

    Beer Sheva has been the theme for these last couple days for two reasons, one because we went to Abrahamís well and the second because our car broke down! read more
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  • Masada and Negev Desert

    We went to the Israelite stronghold of 73 AD - Masada, checked out the Dead Sea and went to a ranch run by some Bedouins! Find out which was Cassidy and Candaceís favourite part. read more
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  • Amsterdam

    We just spent the day in Europe! †After sleeping for around three hours on the plane, we arrived on the overnight flight to Amsterdam at 11:00am. †I booked a time slot for the Anne Frank House... read more
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  • Journey to Israel

    We are on our way to Israel! We are currently 30,000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean with Amsterdam being the next stop. Read about how Mark, Candace, Brandon and Cassidy are going to the land of the Bible. read more
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