• Remembering Ron Derksen

    Ron's connections to the Youth Farm Bible Camp run deep. He wore many different hats in this ministry and has continued to be a pivotal supporter. Mark shares about his connection with Ron that has been in five different decades, starting with the good ol' 1980s! read more
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  • Redemptive Analogies and a Theology of Weakness

    What does summer camp for people with disabilities, a tribe in New Guinea, a missionary that attended Three Hills 60 years ago, and a psychologist who is a consultant in the safety field all have in common with each other. Read the blog post and see if you can piece it all together! Camp Ministry can mean a lot of different things, so blog posts can bring together many different people and stories! read more
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  • Remembering Annette Bergen

    Annette lived out the mission of her camp with her life - Share Jesus with people and provide a place to serve. She spent 25 years volunteering and serving at the Youth Farm Bible Camp. She served well! read more
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  • 110 Years as a Community Farm

    Youth Farm Bible Camp started in 1941 (Check out the history section of our Website), but we have been a community farm since 1909!  The Rosthern Experimental Farm was started in 1909 and closed in 1940.  The story of how this farm was developed is filled with intrigue and mystery. read more
  • A Wide Ministry Swath

    The Youth Farm Bible Camp is primarily a summer Bible Camp with programming for Children and Youth for five weeks and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities for five weeks. And then there is the rest of the 42 weeks with a wide variety of ministry opportunities. read more
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  • The Power of Summer Camp

    Having an experience as a camper for a week of summer camp can be one of the most transformational experiences in life. read more
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  • Behold! - The Son of God

    But there is One who is greater than the mightiest storm and His name is Jesus! He comes down the hill and to the edge of the stormy lake. Not stopping there, He continues towards the disciples - walking on the water. Once He is near enough to be noticed the disciples are terrified by the sight and assume a ghost is approaching. Then comes the beautiful words of Jesus we all long to hear in our storms, “Don’t be afraid! Take courage, I am here!” read more
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  • Behold! The Saviour

    If I asked you to think of a Behold! moment in the bible, I could guess that most of you would respond with the ever famous Christmas story. A dark routine night. Nothing but the cool breeze carrying wafts of wooly friends past the noses of a gathering of common shepherds. They are taking in the night sky that hasn’t changed from the night before, or the night before that, or the night before that. The stars are dazzling as they should, the moon adjusts through its predictable phases, and the familiar voices of the shepherds gently calls back any sheep beginning to wander. When the day began, we could guess, the shepherds were not expecting a behold moment. read more
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  • Behold! The Rescuer

    Pharaoh had agreed to let the Israelites go but with a hardened heart, he changes his mind and sends his army out, following the scent of the salves he now what’s back at the control of his hand. When the Israelites see this, they are overcome with fear. This fear turns into faithless complaining and a cry out to their leader, Moses, “Why did you bring us out here to die? Were there not enough graves in Egypt? Why have you dealt with us this way?” Then they put the icing on the cake with, “We told you so!”. read more
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  • Behold! - Part 1

    Over and over the Lord approached His people, Israel, saying “Behold!” and followed with a story of His faithfulness or a coming promise. He declared, ‘Look! Don’t miss this!’ and continued this excited urgency through the New Testament accounts and, being the same yesterday, today and forever, calls us to Behold! now in our own relationships with Him, as individuals and as the church. The Lord says to us, “seek my face” and our response needs to be an echo of King David’s, “Lord, Your face I will seek!”. (Psalm 27:8) read more
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  • Emotional attachment to Humboldt, Jesus and Mexico

    As we returned from Mexico by bus, we learnt about the terrible tragedy that happened to the Humboldt Broncos. Our country has been shaken and impacted by this accident. Here are some thoughts on the Humboldt accident, the suffering of Jesus and our IMPACT trip to Mexico. The trip video is also attached. read more
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  • Journey to building a Home

    Travelling down Interstate 15 for 30 hours to build a home in Tijuana. Find out some of the thoughts we have about this experience. Pray that we develop the team during the journey. That we are ready for some of what we will experience in Mexico. read more
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  • Leading a Christ Centred Ministry

    A little about camp, family and an experience in the desert of Arizona that I will never forget. Find out how the Core Values of the Youth Farm Bible Camp (Seek, Sacrifice, Share, Serve) line up with spiritual gauges from the life of Christ. read more
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  • How Wide the Father's Love for Us - SO Loved Part 5

    Jesus didn’t die just to take our place on the cross but so we could be part of God’s family. To become heirs with Him. Not to become God but to be able, like Jesus, to call God, Abba, Father. It’s time we live in the grace that has been freely bestowed on us. It’s time we live like the masterpieces we have been created to be (and with that comes doing the work God has planned for us.) read more
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  • How Long the Father's Love for Us - SO Loved Part 4

    He went from heaven to hell for us. That is a great extent. A long way to go to love. To send His perfect and sinless Son to die in our place. That is long love. Length is used for the greatest dimension when measuring an object. I couldn’t think of a better way of describing the death and resurrection of Jesus within God’s plan of redemption for the sake of loving us. The greatest act of His love, to die for me. To die for you. To die for the world because He so loved the world. read more
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