YFBC LIVE - Join us every Friday at 11:00 AM


YFBC LIVE is every Friday at 11:00AM

We will be broadcasting episodes on our Facebook Page.  Make sure you like the page and get notified when we go LIVE!  It is one way to stay connected during the COVID-19 crisis!

Here is what you will see in each episode:

  • Hosted by Mark Wurtz, Director of YFBC
  • Song by Gustavo Araujo
  • Crafts with Cheyenne Elliott
  • Horse time with Cheralyne Gibson
  • Check in at the Petting Zoo with Jacob Wielinga
  • Activity time with Connor Elliott
  • Memory Verse time with Michael Unger
    • Are you taking up the memory verse challenge to earn a cross necklace? You can submit a contact form and view all the memory verses together here for your practice.

It is a great event!  You will not want to miss it.  Make sure that you join the video feed live and comment to let us know you are watching.  We want to bring a little bit of joy into everyone's lives through this show!

Here are the episodes from the past few weeks that you can watch!

Episode 6: Self-control

On this show, we looked at self-control. We learned how we can have self-control through a song with Gustavo, a message with Mark, and a memory verse with Michael. Cheralyne also taught us the importance of self-control when riding a horse and Connor brings a game that can be played in our homes to test our own control of our bodies. Also on the show are rabbits. Jacob reveals some newborn baby bunnies and Cheyenne shows us how to craft our own rabbit with a sock and some rice. Finally, our new mascot joins the show in-studio, and his name is announced. Be sure to watch and find out what it is!

This episode was originally aired on May 8th, 2020.

Episode 5: Peace

In this episode, the theme was peace. Cheralyne finds peace in the horse pasture, Connor continues dancing away, Cheyenne shows a craft you can do on your sidewalk (make sure you take a picture of your craft and send it to us at mark@yfbc.ca), Jacob shows the petting zoo get a 'pet-icure', Gustavo sings Peace Like A River, and Michael teaches us a Memory Verse. Do not miss it!

This episode was originally aired on May 1st, 2020.

Episode 4: Love

The theme of this week was LOVE! See Cheralyne doing something she really loves - Horse Jumping! Jacob showed everyone baby chicks - everyone loves baby chicks. There was also craft time with Cheyenne, Dance Party with Connor and Memory Verse time with Michael. Check it out!

This episode was originally aired on April 24th, 2020.

Episode 3: Patience

The theme for this week was patience! Cheralyne had a lesson about horses and patience, Connor lead a dance party, Cheyenne had a craft, and Michael taught a memory verse. As well, you get to see the Corn Maze Mascot and a giant 20 foot Snowman. Make sure you check out this episode!

This episode was originally aired on April 17th, 2020.

Episode 2: Good Friday Special


The theme of this show was EASTER!  Find out how sheep make it through the winter, why Jesus chose a donkey to ride into Jerusalem, and hear a dramatic presentation by Michael and the YFBC gang!  The challenge was to make a snow man or sculpture and send it to mark@yfbc.ca .  Go outside right now, make the snowman and send a picture to Mark's email!

This episode was originally aired on Good Friday, April 10th, 2020.

Episode 1: Joy

Welcome to YFBC LIVE! In this first episode, the theme was joy. Watch Cheyenne teach how to make some colourful ice balloons. Follow Jacob as he gives a short tour of the petting zoo. Watch horses give each other massages and learn how our hearts connect with horse hearts with Cheralyne. Listen to Mark's experience in Israel alongside his family. Learn a Bible verse by memory with Michael. Finally, make a joyful noise with Gustavo. Thanks for watching!

This episode was originally aired on April 3rd, 2020.