Journey to building a Home

We are on a journey to build a home in Mexico! After a 17 hour drive in they YFBC handibus, 21 of us are over half way to Tijuana. We are doing this together, building community, having fun, and at times a little sick of travel. Our desire is to grow in our relationship to Jesus and build a home for a family in Mexico.

IKEA surveyed 12,000 households across 12 large global cities and found out how people described what a home was. These are the four attributes that were mentioned the most.
1. Comfort
2. Security
3. Belonging
4. Love

We are on this trip to make a home, not just a building. The Amor House that we build with the family next week will elevate their level of comfort. It will have a solid concrete floor with a roof that does not leak. Durring periods of rain, there will not be a river going through their shelter. The will have doors and windows that lock, their children will be protected from the elements, there will be security. We will work alongside of the family, building the home with our own sweat equity. It will be hard work and we will persevere. A group of Canadians drove for 30 hours from the cold tundra of Saskatchewan to build a home that belongs to a family in Tijuana. Our openness of having the family help a group of foreigners will bring a sense of belonging into the project. Finally, it is with love that we are on the trip. Our bus says Love God, Love People showing the desire of our heart to serve and care for the needs of others.

We are currently driving in Utah preparing our hearts to serve a family in Mexico. Our heart is to give them a home that gives comfort, grants more security, creates a place to belong, and is wrapped in our love. That is our prayer, that is our heart.

Keep is In your prayers as we travel on the journey to build a home and give hope to a family.

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