Emotional attachment to Humboldt, Jesus and Mexico

The last seven days have been an emotional rollercoaster for our province, our country and our world.  The Humboldt Broncos accident has elicited heartfelt emotional responses from all.  We were starting our 30 bus trip from Tijuana to Rosthern when we found out about the catastrophe.  We knew our loved ones would have even more anxiety and emotion as they waited at home for our journey to be completed.  We knew that people would be watching the news and thinking about our bus as we travelled on the highways of North America.  I also empathize and understand the weight that professional drivers have on their shoulders.

I find myself drawn into the stories, articles and videos that are being produced each and every day.  I am not a news junky, but I have been keeping up to date with the stories and even the amount that is raised on go fund me (which is over $10,000,000!!).  Every morning, as a staff, we have been praying for the families who lost loved ones, for those injured and for the community of Humboldt.  There is such an emotional attachment with this event like no other.  Millions of people tuned into the Sunday Vigil that was filmed by CTV and CBC.  There have been many other world events since last Friday that took the lives of more then 16 people.  However, we are not attached to those events, not like we are to the Humboldt Broncos.  It helps me to understand our humanity by looking at it through the lens of this accident.  The closer the relationship we have to the tragedy, the more it moves us, the more we are attached and connected to the event.

God chose to come into the world, live among us and suffer among us.  He became human because there is no other way we could comprehend what God’s purposes are.  The divine became incarnate so that we could empathize and connect with God’s ways.  That’s what makes Christianity different then any other religion.  We can have a personal relationship with our creator.  God dwells in us.  Our relationship to the divine is profound and causes emotional attachment.  The same part of humanity that is drawn to empathy in the Broncos accident is the same part that is drawn to a God that walked this earth.  God knows that.  He created us all in his image.  Life has meaning when we understand God’s desire to connect with humanity through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This emotional attachment is the same reason why we go on short term mission trips to Mexico.  We could build more houses if the money raised for the trip would be sent down to Mexico for them to build houses in Tijuana.  It would be more efficient.  But money would not be raised.  We need to be drawn into emotional attachment by supporting someone we know to go on this trip.  We need to here their story, their connection to the family, the impact it had on them, the transformation it caused to all involved.  If money would be sent down from Canada to Mexico, houses would be built, but it is our desire to build homes.  Homes that have security, comfort, belonging and love.  This is done by 24 Canadians taking the time to travel to Tijuana, to meet with Clara and her daughter Karen, to work along side Sammi and Jocelyn (ages 12 and 6).  Building a relationship with them and developing a home together.

After 11 trips to Mexico we have seen many lives changed.  Our translator, Francisco has shared that his life was changed by helping to lead our group.  People in his church have told him that he is a different person because of his connection with us.  Through our compassion and love for Mexico, he has become more compassionate and loving to others.  I have greatly appreciated Francisco’s relationship.  These trips and relationships have changed my life too.  They have caused our staff to be more united and bold in seeking to Love God and Love People.  This motto of the Youth Farm Bible Camp was created after we started going to Mexico.  Many trip participants have told me key moments on the trip that have caused life changes in how they treat others and connect with God.

Below is our video from the trip we just got back on.  Clara and Karen are interviewed by Holly.  Karen has been praying for her mom to receive a new home for over a year.  It was a blessing for us to be part of their blessing from God.



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