Journey to Israel

Two years ago, we started planning a trip to Israel for our whole family to take - a pilgrimage to the land where Jesus walked, taught, discipled, died and resurrected.  Candace, Cassidy and I left Saskatoon at 4:00pm February 12 and will be arriving in Tel Aviv on Friday Morning at 2:00am.  We will be spending eight hours in Amsterdam along the way, hopefully we can sleep some on the flights.  We will be in Israel for two weeks with Brandon joining us for the second week.

The first half of the trip will be in Southern Israel close to the Dead Sea.  We are planning to go to Masada, Elat, Jaffa, Ein Gedi, and much more.  Cassidy is excited about going on a camel ride in the desert.  The second half will be on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.  We will be going to Caesarea, Mount Carmel, Caesarea Philippi, take a boat ride on the famous sea, and check out many spots where miracles and sermons were shared along the shoreline.

We will be posting pictures and updates on this blog if you would like to come along on our journey.  I (Mark) have been to Israel twice before, and each time was an amazing experience.  Both were times that I grew closer to our creator, our saviour, our redeemer.  I am excited about sharing this time with my family, as its their first journey to Israel.  We will be reading the Bible together in the land that was its setting.

Israel also has beautiful landscapes, sunrises at Masada, beaches of the Mediterranean, mountains and valleys, pastures and desert, rain forests and cities.  It is a place to behold and take your breath away.  The layers of history is unbelievable with over 20 civilizations (including Greek and Roman) civilizations on display at the national parks.  Today’s nation of Israel also has quite a story that includes both Israelis and Palestinians, two people groups that struggle at living in the land together.  We are anticipating some new key learnings will come to each of us over the next two weeks.

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