Beer Sheva and more...

The last two days have been a chance to rest and take a few sites in. It has been good just to play some games and have meals together - and we can not wait until Brandon joins us this Friday!  Beer Sheva has been the theme for these last couple days for two reasons, one because we went to Abraham’s well and the second because our car broke down!

On Sunday, we headed to Jaffa to see the Mediterranean Sea, the old port of Jaffa, St. Peter’s church, the statue of a big fish, a market, and more.  I have always loved the sites and sounds of Jaffa, I love that it is right beside the sea, has a great connection to the apostle Peter and there is a lot of green spaces and parks.  Jaffa is where Peter raised Tabitha from the dead and had a very special dream.  The dream set the stage for gentiles to be included in the early church (Acts 9:10-16).

Now onto Beer Sheva.  I have always wanted to see the place that many people think is Abraham’s well, so we went to the visitor centre in Beer Sheva that contains the well.  A Jewish tour guide led us through a great multi-media presentation on the life of Abraham and how he came to settle in Beer Sheva.  The name of the city means well of the oath (Genesis 21:31) referring to the promise that Abraham and Abimelech made 4000 years ago at the well.  What an amazing place to visit!

Then we started back to Arad and every vehicle that followed us was blinking their lights.  I had them on, but I guess they were not working.  We phoned Budget and they said they would send out a technician.  But if it was just a switch, we would have to pay.  I was wondering if there was a special switch in Israel to turn on and off just the taillights.  The two guys who came out were great to visit with.  One was a Russian Jew who came as a child to Israel.  They worked on it for an hour with no success.  They said to go back to Beer Sheva in the morning and get another car.

So as Candace and Cassidy spent some time relaxing, I had a fun time going to Beer Sheva.  I went to Budget and the manager there worked on the car again, and said there was no car to replace it with.  He tried to fix it for 20 minutes, gave up, and magically produced another car for me to have.  I then drove around Beer Sheva, stopped at a river, imagined Abraham and his crew lounging by the river, and then went to a massive grocery store.  It was a fun morning.

Earlier that day, I went for a walk and found a monument in Arad to the WWII soldiers.  It was to honour the allied forces for stopping the Nazis.  Even as a pacifist, I can respect the victory the Jews felt.  The monument was labelled Sorrow and Victory (thanks, Google translate!).  It also says “and who will speak for the silent”.  Powerful reminder to care for those who have no voice.

In the afternoon we went to the Dead Sea again.  The drive from Arad to the Dead Sea takes 30 minutes and it is on a windy road through the mountains that is very fun to drive.  Motorcycle enthusiasts would be in their glory.  There are great sites of desert mountains and then the Dead Sea comes into view.  We went to the shops and spent time by the shore of the sea.

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