The Second Day

The second day of the trip is always much more interesting then the first day.  After driving for 18 hours, it is nice to only need to drive for a little over 10 hours on the second day.  We woke up in First Mennonite Church of Aberdeen had breakfast and packed lunches.  We then headed out with the next stop being Salt Lake City, the home of the Morman Tabernacle and Convention Centre.
The impression one receives when walking around the two city blocks is this is Morman Mecca.  Crazy amounts of money have been spent here by the Morman Church.  When you take the tour it is also interesting that the Morman Church is trying so hard to sound orthodox, just another Christian denomination.  They do not mention anything about their beliefs in how humans can become a God of a parallel universe if you live this life right.
Then, six hours later, we are in Las Vegas - the city that never sleeps.  Lights everywhere.  People trying to have fun spending money.  Both of these stops will be challenged once we meet the people of Mexico.  Las Vegas feels so shallow when you are building a home for people that have much less then us.  The tour at the Morman Centre is put into perspective when mixing cement and building a very small home for a family that is very gracious and content.
Yesterday was also Good Friday, a day to remember the main reason that Jesus came into this world.  Sure he showed us how to live a fulfilled life here on Earth, however, he also came into this world to save us.  He died on the cross for each one of us.  If you were the only person living on earth, Jesus would have died for only YOU.  We need to let him have the steering wheel of our lives, give over our lives to Jesus.  This will give us eternal life in paradise and a fulfilled life here on earth.  May we proclaim the power of the cross to others today.
Mark and Gerald are currently in Calgary, waiting for a morning flight to Los Angeles.  From there they have a two hour drive to our rendezview point at the Amor Ministries office in San Diego.  The group travelling by van has a five hour drive from Las Vegas to San Diego.  We should meet up with each other in mid afternoon, travel into Mexico and have a supper cooked by Mexican volunteers.
Tomorrow, we go to a worship service in Tijuana and spend some time along the beach!

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