The Mexico Experience

We have been in Mexico for three full days and it has been a really great experience!
On Sunday, we had breakfast at around 7:00 and then headed out of camp to find Francisco Ortiz.  We built a house for Francisco and his wife Isela in 2008 and have stayed connected with them ever since.  Francisco speaks English, so we have hired him as our translator for our last four trips to Mexico.  He also is a lay Pastor in his church and we have supported ministries that he has been a part of.
After picking up Francisco and his family, we drove to Rosarita and enjoyed a Mexican Church Service.  It was a short one by their standards 2.5 hours.  Everybody felt that it was good to be a part of and even though we could not understand the language, we could feel the Spirit of God moving amongst us.
Then we went for lunch at a restaurant along the ocean.  However could stomach it had Octopus, Crab, Shrimp or other fish.  There was also Beef tacos for those who did not like sea food.
On Monday, we met the family that we were building the house for.  There were two brothers, one with a family, one that is single.  They will be sharing the home with their mother who is too sick to come outside.  We pour the cement pad on a very hot day and started framing the walls for the house.  The kids were tired by the time they came back to the Amor Camp.  Many of them were tired well before the day was over :)  Mixing cement by hand is hard work!!
On Tuesday, we were able to finish framing the remaining walls and set the house together after lunch.  We went to a local taco stand for lunch and had some great Tacos!  Everyone enjoyed them!
By the end of the day, we had the roof on the house, tar papered the roof, ran wire all around the building (in place of plywood) and put the tar paper on the outside of the house.
Wednesday we will be putting the chicken wire up and hope to start stuccoing by lunch time!
An interesting thing happened while I was taking Francisco home on Tuesday. At his house I got a text message from Shelby Neudorf.  She had been phoned and texted by someone who had bought Jesse's stolen Iphone!  They had bought it for $150 from the person who had stolen it and were willing to sell it back to us.  We think it was stolen earlier in the afternoon from the jobsite by one of the neighborhood kids.  So Francisco, my dad and I (Mark) drove to where the phone was taken and purchased it back for Jesse.  It was an expensive reminder to be very careful with items on the jobsite!
We were also able to hear from one of the Pastors who is on the Amor Mexican Board.  They choose who gets to receive the houses that are built.  He told us his life story through our translator Francisco.  It was truly remarkable how all of his family came to Christ.  It was also a powerful story of redeeming grace and how his dad went from an alcholic and violent man, to a faithful, loving follower of Jesus Christ.  God is amazing and following him is the most important decision you can make in your life!!

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