Home From Mexico

I have been home from the Mexico Mission Trip for 1 week.  However, it still feels like part of me is still in Mexico.  Maybe it is because there was a group of us from Canada, united for one purpose - to build a home for a needy family.  Now being back home, there is too numerous tasks/to do items that I need to accomplish.  Maybe it is because our experience in Mexico is simple living.  We work, we eat, we sleep.  We work, we eat, we sleep.  There are less distractions.  And we get to have great tasting tacos.  It is always a valuable experience.

I have been to Tijuana, Mexico 10 times since 2006.  For seven of the trips, I went to lead a team in building a house along with Amor Ministries.  For three of the trips, I went to visit Francisco, my friend that I met on my third house building trip.  We have also hired Francisco to be a translator for the last four trips that we have gone on.

There is a different way of life when you live in Mexico.  Most families are trying to survive on $400-600 per month.  Most do not have hot water, electricity, indoor plumbing, or private transportation.  They purchase their food daily from small shed like stores that are all over the neighbourhood.  They use public transportation to go to work.  As well, they work 6 days a week for 10 hours a day.  There houses can be poorly built shacks with no floor and a leaking roof.

That is why we are working with Amor Ministries, helping one family at a time.  When a home is built, there is hope for the family.  They do not have to worry about shelter.  Their limited resources can go towards other necessities of life.  Their children are better provided for.

Watch the video below on what a house can do for a family:

So I come home from Mexico realizing that I need to be grateful and generous.  Grateful for what I have and generous with what I have.

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