Mexico Mission Trip begins April 2

Well we are ready to go drive 30 hours as a group of 12 and build a house for a family in need!  The Corona Savalza family is eagerly awaiting our arrival!  We are very excited to meet the family as well.  We hope to build a strong house, with a good roof and a dry floor.

Keep us in your prayers as we drive for the next 3 days.  We hope that the snow in the forecast does not come!  We will be driving to Idaho tomorrow and then on to Boulder City, Nevada for Friday Night.  By Saturday, we will be in Mexico and enjoy our first Mexican meal for supper.  On Sunday we will be joining Francisco Ortiz and his family for their Church Service.  We built a house for Francisco 7 years ago.  We have hired him as our translator for the last five trips.  It is always good to see our good friend, his wife Isela and their wonderful family.

From Monday to Thursday we will be building the house for the Corona Savalza family (mom and son shown below).

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