Second Night - Boulder City

After driving in a van for 16 hours on Thursday, sleeping, getting back into the van for another 10 hours on Friday, it was nice to tour some sites (Hoover Dam) and relax by the swimming pool at the hotel. We are only six hours away from our destination - Tijuana, Mexico.

On the way down to Mexico, we have been studying stories of transformation from New Testament.  We started by looking at the story of Matthew.  A levite who rebelled against the establishment and became a Roman Tax Collector.  A Prodigal son of sorts who was called by Jesus away from the dishonest and greedy life of a 1st Century Tax Collector.  He was transformed through a relationship with Jesus.  He ended up writing Bible.

Then there is the story of the Woman at the well.  This lady was surprised to meet Jesus at the well, she was stunned to have him speak to her, yet she quickly understood that Jesus was the Messiah she was waiting for.  She believed that Jesus offered living water.  Her life was transformed.  She informed a whole town that became Jesus believers through her.  Jesus moved among other cultures easily.  The disciples not so well.  As we go into Mexico, we need to follow the example of Jesus, even though it is much easier to be like the disciples and miss seeing the power of the Gospel in human interaction.

Pray for us as we go into Mexico tomorrow.  Pray for safe travels.  Pray for our team that we can be open to people and open to God working in our lives.  Pray that we will be others focussed and will feel/hear the nudging of God's Holy Spirit.  We will be worshiping in a Mexican Church on Sunday and starting to build a house on Monday.  Pray that we will be God's servants willing to show the gospel message by action and words.

Feel free to comment on the YFBC Facebook page -  Encouragements will be read to the team and it reminds all of us that there are people back home thinking/praying for us.

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