Worship in Mexico

When we met on Thursday to share what we learnt in Mexico.  One of the common themes that came up was the worship service we experienced when first coming into Mexico.  It was a powerful experience as we saw people emotional about their relationship to Christ.  There was weeping, confession, dancing, congo lines, communion, and more.

We went and picked up Francisco, Isella, Zabdi and Naphtali and went to the 11:00 service at their church.  When we got there, we were ushered to the front two rows of chairs.  We were also told that at some point in the service the chairs would be removed so there could be dancing.

At the beginning, the worship team led the church through confessional songs.  Many people came up to the alter, kneeling down and confessing their sins privately.  They got right in their relationship to God.

After 20 minutes, the music started getting more upbeat.  The chairs were moved out of the way.  Large fans were placed in the front.  And the dancing started.  It wasn’t long before local congregants started pulling us into the dance area and swinging us around.  Everyone was clapping and giving God praise.  A congo line formed and went around the church.  It was a moving experience.

Mexico - Congo

Once again, the music intensity dropped, chairs were brought back and we entered into a time for reflection.  People came up to the front to spend time with Jesus, interceding in prayer, praising God.

Then the pastor came and gave a sermon which was even translated for us by one of the ladies on the worship team.  The first scripture he referred to was Mark 14:17-26.  This is the passage about the last supper.  Jesus stated that one of his disciples would betray him - one who is eating with them.  They all looked confused and responded ‘I am not the one, am I’.

The pastor asked us, are we betraying Jesus.  Is it one of us who is betraying Jesus.  He then talked about how important it is to have unity in the church.  We are all one body and we need to act like that.  He referred to Ephesians 4:4-13.  We need to actively be building up the body of Christ, the Church.  If we are not, then we need to repent and start using the gifts God has given us to build up fellow Christians.

We then had communion together in remembrance of what Christ did for us and to unite the church body.

After spending the three previous days in tight quarters (15 passenger van travelling 3000 KMs) this was a very important message.  As a team that was coming to pour love into a family, we need to show the family and others that we genuinely cared and loved our team members.  We need to encourage and show respect to each other.  We need to embrace unity and show the world what Christian love is.  Unity in the church body, loving relationships, encouragement and mentorship, this is how Christians behave!

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