Calimax Experience

On our last day in Mexico, we had a very interesting experience when stopping to purchase vanilla and other items at the local Calimax (Grocery store).  As Mark stopped the van a young man approached the drivers door very quickly.  The door was opened and Mark was given an impromptu hug.  He was an individual with exceptional needs (cognitive disability) and everyone in the van went straight into Adult Special Need Camp mode.

This young man led Jon by the arm into the store and pointed out a Coca-cola bottle.  Pop time in Tijuana!  It was purchased and he took it out to the parking lot.  He then put on a show to a number of our group by downing the one litre bottle in record time.  The group took a few steps back worried that they would become part of a Cola Fountain.

Our buddy came back into the store and pointed out some chips and peanuts.  Mark tried to convince him to get a banana or avocado.  No way, there was no budging.  He continued going around the store giving our group members hugs.

When packing our groceries, we gave him some peanuts, cheetos, and a sombrero.  Then a political parade came through the parking lot and he went and got some pamphlets and stickers.  He gave them to Mark in trade for everything we provided him with.

It was our last event in Mexico and fittingly so.  For a Bible Camp that is partly defined by ministry to those with exceptional needs, it was a blessing and providential to meet this young lad at Calimax.  Here he is giving a hug to Holly.

Mexico - Hugs

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