The Value of Camp

Summer is just around the corner! (Can I get an amen?!) Here at the Youth Farm we are so excited that camp season is going to be here so soon. The most wonderful time of the year! Why is it so wonderful?  Because of the value of camp. Let me tell you about the values.

First of all, getting outside! Kids running around, active, playing, accomplishing goals, testing limits in a safe environment.  Kids love adventure we can give them that in the great outdoors! Here at our camp we have an amazing farm atmosphere.  Campers ride horses, paddle a canoe, and conquer the climbing wall.  Technology set aside, campers are outside enjoying fresh air and God's beautiful creation.  That is valuable!

Next we have the value of temporary community. Kids building relationships with other campers and caring adults cultivate an environment for kids to truly be themselves. Daily routine is left at home and so is the expectations and pressures of others. Campers conquer fears and are willing to try new things.  Adult mentors help kids think through tough questions and experiences, which is often a connection that stays with campers for life.  That is valuable!

But most of all camp transforms lives.  That is valuable! Camp offers the opportunity for kids to experience the love of God and discover His plan for them. God's love transforms lives. Camp allows time to think about this truth and ask tough questions.  That is valuable!

So only three more days until May 1st and the end of our early bird discount.  That means it's time to get your applications in! (Apply here) Come experience the value of camp! But this value doesn't stop with campers.  Staff, junior staff, and volunteers also experience the value of camp.  So as parents, guardians, siblings, friends, consider helping out this summer join in the value of camp.  (More information here)

Take some time to watch a couple videos below from last summer and see all the fun we had!

C2 2014 from Youth Farm Bible Camp on Vimeo.

C3 2014 from Youth Farm Bible Camp on Vimeo.

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