Time to till the soil

Spring is a beautiful time of year in Saskatchewan.  Grass is turning green.  Trees are leafing out.  Bikes come out from winter storage.  Farmers start seeding their crops.  People are outside taking care of gardens and back yards.  New growth and new adventures.

At the Youth Farm Bible Camp we are preparing for our busy summer season.  We are preparing for the campers and volunteers that will be arriving in a few weeks.  We are planting the corn maze that will be the highlight of our fall festivals.  We are planting more grass to expand our petting zoo and festival area.  New growth and new adventures.
Many of these growth and adventure opportunities require cultivation.

In April the corn maze was harvested from last years crop (see video below).  We are now cultivating the soil to provide a proper seed bed for the corn.  We cultivated the areas where grass seed was spread to provide proper landscaping for the future grass fields.  We are cultivating and preparing our summer camp by hiring and training an exemplary staff team.  We cultivate and receive campers through online promotion and community events.  We also seek to cultivate in our summer programming to help ensure seeds are falling on good soil (Matthew 13).

Now we invite you to join our team by becoming YFBC Cultivators - Monthly supporters of the Youth Farm Bible Camp.  Monthly donors give sustenance, capacity, and growth to the ministry.  Monthly donors become team members in our mission statement - Sharing Jesus and Being a Place for People to Serve

Thirty years ago, I came to YFBC as a camper for the first time.  It changed my life.  I met lifelong friends.  I developed a closer relationship to God.  I found a place that cared for me and helped me become who I am today.  When I was ten years old I told my mom that I would work for the Youth Farm Bible Camp some day.  This summer will be my 20th as a staff person.  The only way that could happen was because of donors 30 years ago when I came to camp, Donors 74 years ago when the camp was started and donors giving today!

Over the years, the ministry has expanded at YFBC.  See below for a list of some of the impact the camp makes in this world.  We would like to have you join the YFBC Cultivator program and support the ministry.  My parents are YFBC Cultivators, my wife and I are YFBC Cultivators, join us as YFBC Cultivators.

Give so we can give

Enrich so we can enrich

Cultivate so we can cultivate

Become a YFBC Cultivator today!

Here are some of the ways the Youth Farm ministers to our world:

  • 6 weeks of Summer Camp Programming for ages 5-18.
  • Campership program to help kids afford to go to camp.
  • 5 weeks of Summer Camp Programming for Adult's with Exceptional Needs
  • Pay for 2 months of expenses of the Rosthern Food Bank
  • Providing a wholesome family experience at the Corn Maze
  • Build homes in Mexico and develop the staff members that go on the mission trip
  • Internship Program for ages 18-25
  • Leadership Development program for youth ages 15 and up
  • Community Events where we provide some of our attractions free of charge to Native Reserves, Churches and more.
  • Partnership with the Rosthern Based Go and Be Ministries
  • Support three children through Compassion
  • Provide a place for Church and Youth Retreats
  • and much more

Please consider supporting our minisry and become a YFBC Cultivator!  Find out more information about the Cultivator program or on donation use at YFBC.

Watch the video of our Corn Maze being harvested below:

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