Time for a Carnival!

We are proud to brag about the long-term care staff at the Mennonite Nursing Home. On Saturday, May 30th they went above and beyond to show love and caring to the residents of the home. Read more about it on the following blog.

This past weekend was a busy (and exciting) one for the Youth Farm Bible Camp and staff. On Friday, we had an Ice Cream Social with our inflatables, Rider Pride Train and Climbing Wall set up for use. It was a fun evening with the people coming out excited about our upcoming Summer Camp Season. On Saturday we were set up at the Mennonite Nursing Home (located right beside us) for a first annual "Connection at the Park" day. We again had all of our carnival equipment set up for the families of residents and staff. Finally on Sunday we took the show on the road to help support the opening of a new Community Park in Dalmeny. It was a great day with 500 people coming out to enjoy the dedication. We had our petting zoo, three inflatables, climbing wall and Rider Pride Train. If you saw us on the highway, we were a caravan of two trucks and a van each pulling a trailer. We had a fabulous time in Dalmeny connecting with families want to have a day of fun.

General - June 2015

Three days of bringing fun to families all packed into the last weekend of May. However, the one that stands out the most to me is the "Connection at the Park" at the Mennonite Nursing Home. I had originally approached the home about partnering with our "fun stuff" to bring families out visiting their loved ones. I know that the home is always looking for events and opportunities to engage the resident's families. I thought a day with a climbing wall, bouncy castle, petting zoo, Rider Pride train, and food would be a perfect fit. The leadership staff of the Nursing Home ran with the idea and made sure it was a terrific event. There were definitely a few residents families that came out for the event - some excitedly phoned their loved ones to make sure they were coming. However, I was overwhelmed by how many staff and their families came out.

General - June 2015 2

The staff at the Nursing Home made sure that it was a great success.  They came out to volunteer and many came bringing their children for the activities.  There was a lot of excitement on a grass field a stone throw away from the long term care home.  Staff volunteering their time brought the residents out of the home to make sure they enjoyed the outdoors, enjoyed the children and enjoyed participating in some of the activities.  They said hi to our donkeys, our sheep and the miniature goats that we brought out.  Some even went for a ride on the Rider Pride Train to see the rest of our fabulous yard up close.  I realized during this event that the staff of the home and the residents are family.

General - June 2015 3

General - June 2015 4

This past year has not always been a positive one for long-term care homes.  Many allegations have been brought forth in the media by families that have their loved ones in nursing homes.  Some of these are warranted, some may not be.  However this day showed me how caring the staff at the Mennonite Nursing Home are.  How they make sure that the place is labelled as a Home.  How they show love and care to the elderly.  How residents and staff become family.  This is newsworthy.

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