Be a Prayer Warrior

One of my most favourite things is a fresh and colourful post-it note pad. All over my desk are notes I have carefully, or not so carefully, written out and stuck to my desk top, bulletin board or computer screen, depending on the importance and urgency.  Many of these notes are reminders and to-do lists, but the ones I need to meditate on or memorize have the front row centre position on to bottom two inches of my computer screen.  Neatly written, often more bold and carefully chosen as the Lord brings me challenges and ‘ah-ha’ moments.

This is where I daily read the words of Psalm 116:2.

Because He bends down to listen I will pray as long as I have breath. 

The words of this verse have not always been easy for me say in all truth and honesty.  I have struggled to talk to the Lord, to trust Him with my requests, or give Him praise.  I am sure I am not alone in this story, as we have all most likely been given a ‘no’ (a ‘no’ coming in all wisdom and love) answer from the Lord to a deeply desired prayer - and the disappointment stings.  

BUT I also believe in the power of prayer and even more the power of a intimate relationship with the Lord. And you know what is even more special then someone sitting across a table listening to you as we often do over coffee or a meal?  Someone who bends down to listen to you.  He wants us to talk, He wants to listen.  Down from heaven the Lord bends down to hear our praise, our petition, our repentance, and our submission.

Imagine it with me.  The Lord, so big, so majestic, so powerful, so important, so wonderful, on the throne of heaven, the King of Kings, bending down to hear the prayer of His child on earth.  The love I feel through the first half of this verse is irreplaceable.  So my response can be none other than “I will pray as long as I have breath.”

I will pray as long as I have breath!

In January the Youth Farm Bible Camp lost a very special friend.  Joyce was a cheerleader and prayer warrior for the YFBC ministry - for the campers and staff.  Her life affected many, her love for the Lord and her relationship with Him impacted people wherever she went, and her daily two hour prayer time left many journals filled with names, places, and situations she had lifted to the heavenly Father, who had bent down to listen and carefully held each request made, point stated, and praise sung. The Youth Farm Bible Camp will forever be grateful for all the the prayers Joyce said on our behalf, covering this place with blessings.  

Many of you are also prayer warriors on our behalf.  You take note of what we are doing, who we are serving, the struggles we face and the provisions we rejoice in. Thank you!  We cannot be in this Kingdom work without people supporting us through prayer.  My encouragement to you is that when you prayer He is bending down to listen! My challenge to you is because of this, pray dear children, as long as you have breath! (and a second challenge is also to stretch up your ear to hear what the Lord has to say in response!)

We would love to know that our prayer support is growing! Not only to lift up items of need and want, but to join us in giving the glory to God because this is His ministry.  Put us in your prayer journal. Bring up YFBC news in your small groups and churches. Write a bold type, sharpie printed post-it for your car, refrigerator, or computer monitor!  And always feel the invitation to ask us what we need prayer for!

I am writing this now, just a few days before we head out on our 2016 Mexico Mission Trip!  Three team members will be driving down, hitting the road this Thursday at the crack of dawn and the rest of us will follow by plane on Saturday morning (before the crack of dawn).  Please keep us in your prayers and follow along on our trip by reading blog posts here.

We once again be staying in tents at the Amor Ministry campsite.  This is a great time to live without the amenities we take so for granted and a great time to bond together as a team. The Calixto Leyva family is eagerly awaiting our arrival to build them their new home.  Their previous house was lost to a fire and they are in need of a new home.  Our team of 15 are excited to be building this home along side the Calixto Leyva family and would love your prayers as we serve them and as our own lives are also transformed through this experience.

Slideshow - 2016 75th Anniversary

And one more invitation to join us in prayer - As part of our 75th Anniversary Celebration, we are welcoming you to be a part of 75 hours of prayer.  A prayer room will be set up in our chapel building and we need 75 people to come for one hour each and pray for and commit this place, once again, to the Lord.  The room will be interactive, helping you to pray through the hour, and display the many aspects of the YFBC ministry over the past 75 years, items about where we are at now, and dreams about our hopes for the future.

More details and a chance to sign up for an hour long time slot will be posted once we return from Mexico.  Please keep in mind you can sign up as an individual, a couple or pair, or even a small group!

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