Itís May at the Youth Farm Bible Camp!

Hello friends! It’s been nearly six weeks since we returned from our Mexico Mission Trip.  April flew by as we processed that experience, got into the swing of Spring season here at camp and now we are in the transition month of May.  The cold quiet days of winter are long gone, the anticipation of a new camp season is growing, leadership staff are starting to trickle into the office, and we are preparing for a full yard once again. . . because in six weeks from now, we will be in our first week of camp!

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So I’m calling this month of May a transition month because it’s still a little quiet, it’s still a bit restful, there is still time to simply abide in the Lord before the full speed ahead summer season joins us again. May is also when we get a little more people on the yard, a little fuller schedule to keep up with, and the opportunities to start pouring out more and more of what the Lord has been filling us up with through the rest and abiding time of winter. This is a great time of year to look back on lessons and journeys the Lord has walked us through in the winter and how we can and should use some of that to minister through the summer.

I found it really amazing as we, the YFBC staff, pondered through the winter about the summer ahead and a theme for our 2016 chapels, how God has already started to teach us these chapel lessons in our ‘off’ season.  We had let ideas and stories roll around in our minds and searched for a word to bring the thoughts together.  When the words “I will never be shaken” popped out of Psalm 62:2 it was decided - UNshakable was our theme.  Our chapel stories will all have a stone, rock, or boulder as a main character for the full Psalm 62:2 says,  “He alone is my Rock, my Salvation, He is my Defender. I will never be shaken.”

The stories started to come alive for us when our small group of five traveled around Israel this past January.  There we had the chance to pick up a stone from the same stream as David before fighting Goliath, stand below the rock wall Jesus pointed to when He said to Peter, “Upon this rock I will build my church”, and be powerfully moved by the open tomb - boulder removed - Christ risen! The theme of stones, rocks, and boulders was becoming more exciting as we stepped in the very locations these stories took place. The reality and power of Christ, our Rock, becoming so alive, so clearly necessary.

General - 2016 Israel Caesarea Philippi

Caesarea Philippi - "Upon this rock I will build my church" - Jesus Christ

General - 2016 Israel David Stone

A stone from the same stream where David found his five smooth stones

General - 2016 Israel 6

Standing in front of the empty tomb! Garden Tomb, Jerusalem

When it was time for our eager group of fifteen to travel down to Mexico in March, we studied our fourth story of our summer curriculum - The Wise and Foolish Builders. We were, after all, going to build a house! A few days before departure we found out there was an existing cement foundation on the site we would be building on.  We were faced with the decision to build over it or take it out.  Building over it would have caused the house to live on a tilt, weaken the new foundation but hurry the process.  Interesting, eh? I have to wonder if the Foolish Builder built on the sand because he wanted to hurry the process - too much of a hurry to carry his supplies up the rocky hill? We can’t rush the foundation building of a house, we can’t rush the foundation building of our faith.  If our desire is to be UNshakable, we will need to put time and energy into learning the teachings of Jesus so we can obey them.  For our dear family in Tijuana, we took the time to break up the existing foundation and pour a new one upon the rock below.  The house looked great and we learned, in a hands on way, the parable Jesus told at the end of His powerful Sermon on the Mount.  Our 2016 theme was continuing to be present before summer even arrives.

General - 2016 Mexico retaining wall

We also had to put up a retaining wall after some of the ground started to crumble away at the back of the house.  But this house definitely has a solid foundation now!

So now, as we work on final preparations for camp in this transition month from our 'off' season to camp season, we are in great anticipation of how this UNshakable theme will continue to show up in our own lives, the YFBC ministry, and how it will become real and tangible for our staff and camper. Please keep us in your prayers as we step into the summer season, even consider volunteering in the kitchen and being here yourself, pass on the word about us to kids who would love a week at camp, and join us on June 4th for our 75th Anniversary Celebration!

General - Cheyenne putting up camp banner

Cheyenne working on our beautiful stage backdrop!

Blog Bonus! Mexico 2016 Video!!

Mexico 2016 from Youth Farm Bible Camp on Vimeo.

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