Mexico Mission Trip 2017

We are leaving for Mexico tomorrow (Good Friday) morning at 2:30AM!

There is a group of 19 people from the Youth Farm Bible Camp taking a journey to Tijuana, desiring to build hope into the life of one family!  We are excited to go to another culture and learn from the experience,   We are wanting to grow in our relationship to Christ, each other, and the people of this world.

The 19 people are as follows: Shaylynn Peters, Holly Epp, Mark Wurtz, Jacob Wielinga, Jennifer Wielinga, Elizabeth Wielinga, Cassidy Wurtz, James Crouch, Allegra Bartsch, Nathan Bartel, Noah Wall, Tony Giesbrecht, Marlie Giesbrecht, Mel Siemens, Jada Klassen, Darren Klassen, Kaylem Longneck, Alex Bueckert and Kendra Reimer.

We are a mixture of Year Round YFBC Staff, Junior Staff, Counsellors, Board Members, Fathers of staff, and Camp Supporters.  We hope to come together as a team to serve people who really need a home.

The Sanchez Rocha family is eagerly waiting for us to arrive.  We will meet them on Monday when we come together with the family to build a home.  Our friend Francisco, who lives in Tijuana, will be our translator and will help us understand the needs of the family.  The family lives off of a monthly salary of around $500.  The parents are Jose and Luciana.  They have four children - Rosa (8), Damian (5), Ana (3), and Ariel (1).  We are excited to be a part of their family for the week.

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