How Deep the Father's Love for Us - SO Loved Part 2

Deep /dēp/: 1. Far down or in from the top or surface.  2. Very intense or extreme- rich, strong, bold.  3. From the top/surface to the bottom.  4. Insight, wisdom, understanding.  5. Far below the surface - the worst or lower part/state - a time when one’s negative feelings are the most intense.  6. A place remote and in accessible.

Picture the plain dirt of the newly formed earth.  The most beautiful trees, flowers, and shrubs surround a focused on patch of dark ground. Slowly and carefully a form starts to take shape. Rumored to be the crown of creation, made in the image of God, a body is visible, arms, and legs. A head and face. Laying lifeless on the earth. Then with care and kindness the Father bends down and breaths the breath of life into the man. And it was very good.

God IS love.  It is the essence of who He is.  He formed Adam with care from the dust of the earth.  He designed Eve with thoughtfulness from Adam’s rib.  He has made you and I fearfully and wonderfully in the womb of our mothers. Unfortunately we live in a fallen world.  We have all fallen short of the glory of God. We, just like Adam and Eve, doubt God.  We find ourselves knee deep in pride and it’s rising. Next we believe the lies. Is God holding out on us? We do things our own way. In the way of our sinful nature.

But we are So Loved by God that even as our ugly sinful selves, He set in place a plan to bring us back from separation from Him.  His love is unconditional.  Total love and acceptance. Everlasting. Agape love. (Agape - the Greek word used for the highest form of love; the love between God and mankind.) Starting when we are filthy with sin.  

God loves us because He loves us! But we need to acknowledge we are living in a fallen world and the sin in our lives keeps us from life with Him until we confess and surrender our selfish ways to Him.  

We are So Loved that God loves us DEEP - to the very bottom of our ugly, at the bottom of the pit where we sit in sin.  He has insight, wisdom and understanding of each of us to the depth of our being, far below the surface, remote and inaccessible by humans.  His love fills that deep. He went to the depths to love us and save us.  His love is so deep for us - it is extreme, rich, bold and strong!

Creation, then the Fall - the beginning of the redemption story compelled by love.

But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. - Romans 5:8

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