Kids Camps at YFBC

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Experience God //  Meet Friends // Have Fun

Make sure you have a Summer Camp Experience at the Youth Farm Bible Camp!

Animals wandering in the petting zoo, horses saddled, canoes at the waters edge, the climbing wall standing at attention - the calm before the storm of excitement, accomplishment, and thrilling delight. It’s skill time at the Youth Farm Bible Camp! Campers move out from the chapel covering all the corners and edges of the camp yard.  It’s time to learn new skills, build friendships, and develop bigger confidence.  Drifting over the yard is the sound of fun - the sound of camp.

At camp kids are kids.  Unplugged and outside. Active and exploring.  Meeting new people - friends and mentors. The smell of the campfire, the feel of curly sheep wool, the sound of joyful singing, the sight of old friends reunited, and the taste of ripe red watermelon.  This is camp.

YFBC Camp Dates - Summer 2020

Apply by January 31st and receive $40 off a weeklong camp, or $20 off daycamp/short camps.

Camps are Cancelled for 2020

Children's 1 - ages 6-10, July 5-10 - $340+gst    

See below for a THREE DAY CAMP

Children's 2 - ages 9-12, July 19-24 - $340+gst   

Children's 3 - ages 7-12, August 9-14 - $340+gst    

Registration for Children's 1, 2, & 3 is at 5:00pm on Sunday, closing program at 1:30pm on Friday.  
These three are overnight camps.

Junior Teen - ages 12-15, July 26-31 - $340+gst    
Registration is at 7:00pm on Sunday and pick up is at 1:00 Friday.
This is an overnight camp.

Day Camp - ages 5-8, July 27-31 - $160   
Daily drop off is at 9:00AM, Pick up is 4:00pm

Short Overnight Camp - ages 6-9 - July 5-7 - $180+gst  
Registration is Sunday, July 7 at 3:00pm and pick up is on
Tuesday, July 9 at 7:00pm.  This is an overnight camp.

Horse Overnight Camp - ages 6-10 - July 8-10 - $240+gst  
Registration is Wednesday, July 8 at 7:00pm and pick up is on
Friday, July 10 at 4:00pm This camp is perfect for horse enthusiasts.
There will be 4-5 hours of horse riding throughout this camp.
Attendance for this camp is very limited, so make sure you apply soon!
This is an overnight camp.


Do you have more than two children attending camp?  The third child or more are half price!  

Questions?  Contact us at 1-855-855-9322 or email -