Rental Policy


1. Leaders of guest groups, who wish to rent our camp, must acquaint themselves with our statement of faith. It is our expectation that groups, who rent our camp, will not promote any ideology or lifestyle that is contrary to the principles and the purpose for which our camp exists.

2. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs can be brought with the group or consumed on our property.

3. We seek to maintain a "smoke free" environment. If some group members must smoke, we ask that it be done in their vehicles.

4. All camp quiet hours are from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. unless by special permission of Director.

5. Cabin groups made up of campers who are 18 years of age and under, must have an adult leader residing in the cabin with the group.

6. Cabins and washrooms designated for girls are out-of-bounds to the boys and vice-versa.

7. The Youth Farm Bible Camp cannot be responsible for accidents and sickness incurred by our rental groups. Therefore we urge these groups to provide sickness, accident and liability insurance that will cover their campers and staff.

8. Any damages to camp property above normal wear and tear will be invoiced to the group as soon as repairs can be made.

9. We expect that any behavior that may be injurious to people or property will be checked immediately by the leaders of the group.

10. The roads on the Mennonite Youth Farm Complex are public roads and therefore fall under the Saskatchewan traffic laws. Please park in designated areas and not on grass fields.  Those who do not hold a valid driver’s license are not allowed to drive any vehicle at any time on camp property. The posted speed limits of the complex must be obeyed. Traffic and parking signs must be obeyed. The local detachment of the R.C.M.P. will enforce these laws.

Statement of Faith


YFBC is dedicated to providing a camp setting where campers learn the importance of Christian daily living and grow in their relationship to God. This is done through chapels, campfires, devotionals, cabin groups and the daily interaction with others. Our camp directly reflects an Anabaptist/Mennonite theology of Christ’s peace and love as central to the gospel.


Our camp setting exists as another means of proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus Christ to the glory and honor of God. To this end it will provide a context for the campers to discover, develop, learn, and grow.

1. The camp program, through chapels, campfires, devotions and interaction with staff will give campers the opportunity to become follows of Jesus Christ.

2. We will teach the importance of Christian daily living through words and actions.

3. The camp experience will guide the campers to grow in the maturity of their Christian faith.

4. We will achieve these ends through an diverse integrated program with many activities and much interaction between the YFBC team and campers. The program will be solidified through its biblical foundation. To reach the campers, every person of the YFBC team is important. Individuals need to walk in the way of our Lord and set examples of Christian lifestyles. We need to unite as a team and use the dynamic power of God to extend THE KINGDOM. Everyone on the YFBC team is a channel through whom God speaks. God uses everyone who is willing and we will all have different roles.