Enter the Snowman Contest Today!

When will the Snowman Melt?!?

Congratulations to Kathy Derksen! She had picked May 1st for the snowman to melt, and that is when it happened! She will be enjoying two season passes to the Youth Farm Corn Maze. Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. See below for the progress of the snowman from start to finish.


How much has the snowman melted!

Snow man melting, April 23

LOOK how much the Snowman has melted!

The eyes, mouth, nose and buttons fell off already on Sunday the 19th, but the hat held on until the 22nd!  The head fell off on the 23rd, and not much is left by April 25th.

Over 60 people joined our contest in choosing a date for the big melt!  Thanks for everyone who participated.  Here are the dates that people have chosen:

Before April 21st - 1 vote
April 21 - 1 vote
April 22 - 1 vote
April 23 - 2 votes
April 24 - 3 votes
April 25 - 1 vote
April 26 - 1 vote
April 27 - 1 vote
April 28 - 0 votes
April 29 - 1 vote
April 30 - 7 votes
May 1 - 1 vote
May 2 - 4 votes
May 3 - 0 votes
May 4 - 5 votes
May 5 - 6 votes
May 6 - 7 votes (Mark and Candace's 25th Anniversary!!)
May 7 - 5 votes
May 8 - 14 votes
May 9 - 7 votes

We built a 20 foot Snowman on April 13!  We could not believe how much snow we still had so we knew that something had to be done.  Jacob and Mark have been in Mexico building houses for the last number of years. Easter Monday is the day concrete forms are built so that the slab can be poured.  This Easter Monday, plywood forms were used to pour in the white stuff so a snow man could be built.

We also made a sign to honour the superb staff at the Mennonite Nursing Home!!  They are doing an amazing job during this COVID-19 crisis - keep them in your thoughts in prayers!